Комплект из серебра 925 пробы и Грузинской перегородчатой эмали. 

Серьги: 2 x2.7 см,
Кольцо: 3.2x5.2 см.
Размер кольца: регулируется.


Комплект серьги и кольцо "Балет"

Артикул: 1JA16-50-51
руб. 39,000.00Цена
  • The Set is made from silver and hot enamel with the ancient Georgian technique Minankari.  


    Earring 2 x2.7 cm, 
    Ring 3.2x5.2 cm
    Ring size: adjustable.

    Enamel paint is extremely difficult to use, each color requires a certain temperature. Minankari always distinguished for its traditional and colorful ornaments.  

    It’s nice that currently so beautiful and unusual art of our ancestors is being revived. There is a large number of artists who continue this noble art, and the Georgian enamel becomes extremely popular and recognized worldwide.